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500px Models vs. Photographers 2015

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An amazing event organized by 500px at their Toronto, HQ. Models vs. Photographers connects creatives through workshops that are interested in fashion and portrait photography.

500px Models vs Photographers


500px Model


500px MvsP

Women with Two Faces

500px Male Model



Happy Chinese New Year! Our Blog Has Arrived!

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It’s the New Year and we hope to start RichTeaMedia fresh and with plenty of fireworks!
We are still finishing up a couple kinks, but we are excited to move forward!

Our blog has been a long time in the making. So it’s a big sigh of relief.
We hope to share very interesting content about many topics such as Photography, Google, Entrepreneurship, Our Company Journey and anything we just think is helpful or cool !

Please add us to your RSS or Follow us on Twitter to stay updated.

Thank You So Much

Happy 2015 !