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Breakfast @ Google Toronto w/ Spark Marketing


A great event hosted by the team at Google Canada and Spark Marketing. This early morning breakfast gave attendees a chance to learn more about online marketing and advertising.

Here are 5 tools and advice that I found very informative at this amazing event:

1. Google Trends – A free public tool that allows you to get some real insights, in real time. Great for getting to know and finding your right audience. See what people are interested in and create videos, blogs, social etc around it.

2.Google Consumer Survey : http://www.google.com/insights/consumersurveys/home A really good way to get consumer data through surveys and focus groups. It’s a paid service, but seem like it might be worth it. You can target your audience with the types of questions you are looking for quickly.

3. Add a search box to your website : So simple! Adding this small box can give you valuable insight to what your customers are looking for. Then just adjust your website accordingly to fit your audience needs.

4. Ways to gain credibility of your Brand:
*Creating Consistency
*Initiate Inspiration, create a compelling narrative around your product and deliver an experience.
*Building customer loyalty turns customers into brand advocates.
*Association with another brand is very important

5. Don’t challenge yourself to 10% incremental gain, challenge yourself to a 10x Gain !!
**Google didn’t look to improve cars by making them drive faster, they looked to make a car drive by itself.


Spark Marketing’s President Peter Reitano and some team members.

Google Toronto Breakfast

Zahra from Google Toronto

Google Toronto Breakfast

Google Toronto Breakfast




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Thank you again Google Canada and Spark Marketing!

EyeEm World Tour Toronto w/ @Kage520

The Eye Em World Tour took place at the Soho House Co-hosted by by Eye Em  and Sidewalk Hustle.
Thanks to Kay Jay from UrbaneBloc.com , I was her guest and her personal “photo guy” for the event.
EyeEm a Berline Based Photo Sharing App and “The EyeEm World Tour is a travelling exhibition curated from an international competition. Discover a stunning collection of photos handpicked by greats like Rankin, founder of Dazed & Confused magazine, and Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Art. Presented with leading cultural portal Sidewalk Hustle
Previous stops include Paris Photo, Tokyo Institute of Photography, and Art Basel Miami” ~Eye Em Blog. 

Eye Em Photo Winner

The winning self portrait by David Uzochukwu is so out of the box amazing!

Soho House Girl

Eye Em Toronto

Eye Em World Tour

Kage Eye Em

Self Portrait Toronto

Soho House Girl

Eye Em World Tour

Soho House Bar

Photo Booth Soho House

500px Models vs. Photographers 2015

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try the 360 tour-up-small



An amazing event organized by 500px at their Toronto, HQ. Models vs. Photographers connects creatives through workshops that are interested in fashion and portrait photography.

500px Models vs Photographers


500px Model


500px MvsP

Women with Two Faces

500px Male Model



Check out the 500px Blog Post : https://iso.500px.com/tour-the-500px-hq-event-space-in-360-on-google-maps/

Happy Chinese New Year! Our Blog Has Arrived!

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It’s the New Year and we hope to start RichTeaMedia fresh and with plenty of fireworks!
We are still finishing up a couple kinks, but we are excited to move forward!

Our blog has been a long time in the making. So it’s a big sigh of relief.
We hope to share very interesting content about many topics such as Photography, Google, Entrepreneurship, Our Company Journey and anything we just think is helpful or cool !

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Thank You So Much

Happy 2015 !